Acerca de Mi


Hola! Soy Mara, 25-year-old-girl who is still in school.

 I am a lover of nature; everything that has to do with it; I like fruits, vegetables, flowers, and plants. I love seeing them grow, gardening, I  love gardening. From the time you plant a seed to the time you get to eat it, dry the seed and sow it to reproduce it.

I am working on my master’s degree in counseling at Dallas Theological Seminary (❤️) and graduated from DBU (whoop-whoop). Currently doing my internship at Stonebriar Community Church, working with couples, adolescents, and individuals.

I love traveling, it should be mandatory in everyone’s life. I love running, bicycling, CrossFit and yoga. I am a lover of the beautiful México (where I am from). I enjoy time with people, especially meaningful people, real people that love creating memories, the memories that stay forever. My family is a big part of my life (of course! I am Mexican). Herbs are always in my pantry and there is a book always by my bed. But above all things, I love Jesus.

And, I have decided to write a blog to share what I learn in life, from classes, relationships, my personal counseling, thoughts, life lessons, and from my clients (they teach me so much), and some random stuff that is worth sharing…  Sometimes I will write in English, sometimes in Spanish, it really depends on what I am writing about and in which language I processed it.



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