Hola! Soy Mara, 25-year-old-girl who is still in school.

 I am a lover of nature; everything that has to do with it, like fruits and vegetables, flowers and plants. I love the process of them, gardening, I  love gardening. From the time you plant a seed to the time you get to eat it or reproduce it.

I am a student at DTS working on my master’s in counseling graduated from DBU (whoop-whoop).Currently doing my internship (yeah!!)

I love traveling, it should be mandatory in everyone’s life. I enjoy time with people, especially meaningful people, real people that love creating memories, the ones that stay forever.   My family is a big part of my life. Herbs are always in my pantry and there is a book always by my bed. But above all things, I love Jesus. Yes, I am a Jesus freak.

I’ve decided to write a blog to share what I learn in life, from classes, relationships, thoughts and life lessons and maybe some random stuff…


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