Beautiful Imperfection


One night in the middle of a messy life I finally decided to sit, breathe and think, and this phrase came to my mind. My life was a mess. And until I came out of it (in my mind, because it still is a mess), I realized how beautiful it was to be part of it. We normally get frustrated when what is on our control is out of control and when we don’t see results the next day from the goals we had set up to ourselves. Because, accept it we set high expectations for ourselves that, while running towards them, make us tired and thirsty emotionally, physically and spiritually and everything-ally.

Humans like to have control. We like to plan out our lives, days, careers, etc. and if something is not going the way we want, we get crazzzy. All of us demonstrate it in different ways; angry, depressed, frustrated and all in between.

We strive to accomplish perfection, to have it all figured it out and to show the world our lives are great. FYI, that’s kind of impossible, for the only reason that we are humans.

Think about how pretty it is to fall, to have flaws and to get moody. Yes it is pretty. It is pretty to be wrong, to be attracted to something that it is not cool, to be afraid, to apologize, because that is what makes us all humans.

Accept who you are. You don’t have to pretend. Keep your essence, because that makes you unique. You don’t have to be like the rest of the world. You a re a beautiful imperfect human.

“When we don’t embrace ourselves, we are not appreciating God’s own creation. We are unique, He has made us unique. Show the world that you are confident in whom God has created. Don’t believe devil’s lies -that you are not able to carry your calling- because you are. You carry a calling, you carry a purpose. You are created to set the captives free.” -Areli Villaseñor (@arelli_style_)

“What great delight God finds in the broken places within us. Not that our hurts bring Him joy. But His chance to heal us does. We are all broken. In need of great healing. And God, in His beauty and compassionate love, gets to heal us. It makes Him happy to get to heal us, I think. Then, we don’t put so much pressure on ourselves anymore. We give it all to Him. Because we realize just how good it feels to be taken care of by God”. -Natalie Edwards



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