Social Media Break

Call it break, detox, fasting whatever.. I am doing this!
Last month I tried the no-make-up break and my skin improved significantly. This month I am trying not going on any social media, yes! not even Pinterest nor Etsy. If you know me well, you know I am very extremista and yes this is another of my things on the list I have been wanting to do. Not just because I have so many papers and projects for school due the next two weeks or so, but because it is much needed; I have noticed lately that it actually soaks my time more than I plan on doing it. Have you ever do the 10 min break of your activity to go on Instagram or so. Well, I do.

Social media can actually make me loose focus and kill my productivity, distract me from a face to face real conversation, miss out on something going on in real life, or get that “screen blinded” feeling (this is when all you are focusing is your screen and people is like “did you see that!?, no- because I was totally on my screen), it also helps  fill out awkward moments (we all know this one) and I don’t know about you but I go on any of this before or after sleeping.


This is something I have been dealing with, I know me well. And it does not means that I can’t control it without having to go through this detox, but I really want to see a change through abstaining from it. Focus on what I am really doing, get to fully enjoy the place where I am, the environment and with who I am, I want to be able to experience the art of be fully present. Who would ever think that we were going to go through this #FirstWorldProblems. I am sure generations that did not have technology were more committed and fully present, they were fully known and not known by their pictures or videos. They had to stick to the plans they made and be themselves. They probably got to hear the stories and had a mental picture of what happened.

Don’t take me wrong, social media is AWESOME and obviously used for great things, such as blogging, DIY projects, recipes, fashion and even devotionals or evangelism (I love it) it is just one of my top challenge-to-do and a me-experiment. Let the experiment begin!

If you wonder, I will be here, happy and alive doing smoothies, masks, swimming, yoga, hangouts, dates, flowers, kombucha (maybe?) HOMEWORK and stuff. And if I die in the process please bring me flowers. Jk, See you in a month or so?


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