Human Adaptation

Try to bring a butterfly live to your house. Our case, thanks to God’s grace, we are created different than butterflies and animals in general, our brain has a big capacity to CHANGE, by that means, we can ADAPT. We are always changing. As matter of fact, if they place us somewhere else, different from our habitat, we will adapt. For some of us may be easy, for some other can be hard, or it can takes us long or short, but we always adapt. It could be a new job, a new relationship or a break up, moving to a new place, losing someone you love, etc.

For me was starting a new stage of my life, that it always seemed so far away. I  started graduate school, moved to a new place, new people, new environment, looking for a new church, new job and new friends. Sounds predictable, but my brain was readapting without letting me know. While change, there may be drastical changes inside our brains. I guess mine was getting crazy. Poor baby.

I didn’t even realize that it was a big change, I was just trying to live as I-know-how-this-works kinda change. It is normal, it is actually part of the adaptation. Changes are always changes, big, smalls, wanted or unwanted, they have the same effect in our brains. Being unsure of what the future brings, makes me so anxious, even though I trust God completely. Uncertainty activates a part of our brain that brings, adrenaline, energy, and stops thinking about “unimportant things”. Which I also call a door open to devil to come in. You may stop caring about your relationship with God (What I did), about your health, such as sleeping and eating well. (It didn’t happen to me but it could happen to anyone).

Then our brain starts using that energy that was supposed to be used for the “unimportant things” to try to predict the future. but this just brings more worry and anxiousness. As humans we will never be able to predict the future, that’s silly and if you think you can, then call me I will contact you with the one who really knows the future. Lol.

I actually didn’t realize I was trying to adapt until yesterday, while I was sitting in the steam room, when I get to think about so much. There, I realized that my routine was gone, completely gone, no home church, no mom, no dad, no sleeping on the same side of the bed, no waking up with lots of noise, no nothing of that.By the way I am not complaining at all, it is actually a good change that was supposed to happen, it was just my brain readapting. I enjoy everything. I do miss my family but it is all for good. It is actually a blessing to be here. Silly me, it has been a month and just now notice it. I was in a new place, with new people, haha! took me a while to actually realize it. Good thing God remains the same, and we get to know Him even more when we have transitions.

Be kind to yourself when you are going thru change, I think I was not kind to myself. You might feel like you have no patience or  you have a smaller capacity to engage in situations. Be kind to you and to other people, sleep, rest, eat well. Talk to people, be transparent, say what you fell. IT IS NORMAL, we are all humans and we are made from the same ingredients. Reduce worry, if possible eliminate it. Pray and talk to the one who knows it all, God.

Go for a walk, physical activity has a baggy BIG part of our physiological state. It also reliefs stress and brings the feel-good feeling.

Do what you love. Either its painting, reading, working on your car, lighting up candles or running, sometimes for me is cleaning. DO IT, and don’t stop doing it.




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