Pulled over without liscence.

A police officer is here to make sure everything is right, to make sure the community is safe, and that everything is going well according to the law. How good to be around one of them and feel safe… but of course its a little scary when we are not doing the right thing, when we did wrong, or we have been pulled over, like me before, and now they scare us, and is not fun.

Everything has its consequences. We get a ticket when we did wrong. God want us to do the right thing, He wants to be sure we are safe, He seeks for us and take care of us. We avoid Him because we are doing wrong and it kind of scare us a little bit. What scares us? Him himself or the consequences, or actually recognizing that we like doing wrong.

I have been getting tickets with too many violations on each, not real ones but life tickets with life violations. The worst violations are the ones that are constantly happening, that sin becomes common in our lives, that I no longer see it wrong. If God was a cop and I was driving my life, I wouldn’t even want to ask how much I owe.

Same with God, we feel that whenever we want to get close to God he is going to ask us for something, or to stop doing something. But it is not like that, God is not waiting for us with a whip to rebuke us, He wants us to come to Him, and He is there with open arms waiting for us to give us love. And there will be consequences for what we have done without Him, but those are still on the loop of GRACE. To show us He wants us.

It is not about how much He is expecting us to give Him, He wants us to open the door for Him. How much we are wanting to open the door for Him in our lives. He has sooo much love to give us. He will do in our lives, whatever we let him work on it. Lets open all doors in every area of our life to Him. He will do beyond our expectations.



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