Traffic Lights

So many times and very frequent I request and knock on doors. I’ve waited for answers and doors to be opened. The problem is that I want them to be answered and opened ASAP. Because, according to me, these are urgent and  overnight shipping deliveries for me all the time. Some of these are prayer requests, applications, deliveries, relationships, appointments, special events, or even while cooking or ordering food, even in the red light. I have no patience.

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.
Ecclesiastes 3:1

God has a time for everything in our lifes. This morning has been amazing, and its barely 9:00 am. First of all, I woke up late but perfect time to get ready. I felt like God woke me up. Then, almost every traffic light was green. The barrier gate at the parking lot was up, and a perfect parking spot was available. I know it sounds like a fairytale (but its real),  same happens with God oppening doors for us when answering our prayer requests. He has His time, and is perfect.

When God promised Abraham a son and a nation, he believed and didn’t ask for an specific date. It was God who was telling Him, so why would he doubt. Abraham even builted an altar as soon as God told him. When him and Sarah bore a child, Sarah laughed. Laugher was the sound of a dream coming true. Even though it was an old age to have a kid, it was a perfect time in God’s eyes. She thought nobody would believe it was her child, but that didn’t affect God’s plans for them. Same with us, He has promised us, and He will do it, on His perfect time.



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