Not a game.

Love its not a game. Our heart its not a toy… be careful. You have the ability to train your heart and tell whats the best for you. If you keep telling your heart that dating is practice for marriage and many other lies that we hear from the media, then, your heart will probably give you a GAME OVER. Proverbs  4:23 states that from our heart flows everything in our life, it will lead us to wherever it has been trained for (by your thoughts). Get your heart in shape. Show him that, the ideal person for you looks like Jesus, and show him that you are designed to be like Jesus as well. He is our example, and our role model.

And, yeah, Love like Jesus, live like Jesus. To learn more about his personality and how he acted, read the gospels, where His some of  life situations are. Don’t just read the story, but analyze it and imagine it. Do quesions after you read. This way you can get more of the word. Then go ahead and look for people who also wants to be like Him. Make a happy heart in shape so, what overflows from it will be good.


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