Oh, hold on!

Wait a minute, its already August 14th. and I am still working on setting my Monthly goals. Woah. So, lately, I’ve been praying 24/7 for a specific prayer request. Also, I’ve been having real deep conversations with God, which has been amazingly relieving. Im going to confess that talking to Him in a “real honest” mode, helps way too much.

Few of my prayers haven’t been answered in the way I was expecting, some of them overpass my expectations, while some other I already forgot what it was because they were not answered. God has His own time and His own way.(Which I am so happy for that because His way is perfect). Meanwhile me and you, us, all of us, we are in charge of waiting, and while we wait we can be patient and maybe do a beauty hunt, catch as many beauty as you can in every day. Nehemiah or Joshua are great books to follow while waiting.

PS. Why I cant handle someone eating fast food for breakfast? 😦


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