What separates us from our dreams?

Lack of Faith+Action I would say; we need to less procastrinate or better said none. When we let God know our dreams and even our concerns, He takes care of it. He will place you in the right place at the right time, and you have to step up and take action to proceed. The oportunities are there.
I wonder how God feels when He has placed us on the right place, where we are the ones who have to stand up, or when He introduces us to the right people that will maybe “leads” us wherever we have to go. So,  I wonder if He’s like
“Now do something, I planned this moment for you!”.

Sometimes the person or the opportunity is right in front of us and we dont see it until we connect the dots. Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever connected the dots? Unafortunatly, after it already happened, we analyze the situation and realize that we were meant to be there, because this and that and blah blah. Bummer.
It has happened to me. Ask God to keep your eyes wide open to see every opportunity that He has already set up for you.

Be friendly with everyone and enjoy every moment.



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