This is how it works,

How drastically things can change from nothing to  something-. As it is stated in Genesis, before the earth was created there was nothing. His voice, power and authority were the pure ingredients for a great beautiful place for Him to reign and for us to live. Well, few months ago I never imagined that I was going to live my dream. I was graduating from college, looking for an apartment, for a job, in finals, not really hanging out with my friends, and a huge part of my social life was left behind. I quitted my sorority, my leadership position, and most social events during the last semester. I was going to focus on what was coming along with the post grad life. Well, we plan.. but God has the final decision. To be honest, January to March was a hard time to deal with. Stress, depression, isolation, and so on. Probably nobody noticed it, since I tried to still be the same, go to church, hang out while I can, and smile most of the times. I had never really believed in depression, I use to say its their fault, an optional state of mind, and it really is, I still think that way, but sometimes that state of mind is heavier than your actual decision to chose what to be or do. Anyways, I never ever doubt God had a plan over my life. If He has provided till now, why should I question Him.

He worked step by step.  He first, helped me to believe in Him no matter what, then He placed me in a place where I saw His amazing grace and how he perfectly schedules times and events, were I knew that people who really cares about you is going to stay in your life, and when he closes a door, a bigger one is on his way, and were a “No” means a better “Yes”. April has been the best month of my life. I got a new place to live, and it is waaaay better than my dreams, I turned 23, my mom came to see me, my sister came, I learned to love my job, and got the job of my dreams in a place that seemed a dream. For real. I have seen people I love, I met a guy, well not really because he doesn’t knows me hahaha! Anyways, God is great and He works step by step. He does gives us what our hearts desires. We just have to trust, be patient and get a little bit of sunshine. Trust.



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