A pointless discussion.

“You brought me this far
So why would I question You now
You have provided
So why would I start to doubt
I’ve never been stranded, abandoned
Or left here to fight alone
So I’m giving You control

I lift my life, lift my life up
You can have it forever
All my dreams, all my plans
Lord, I leave it in Your hands
I lift my life, lift my life up
Have Your way in me

If peace is a river let it sweep over me
If I’m under fire I know it’s refining”

Today I had a big discussion with God, it was pointless. It was if I was talking to rocks. He didn’t reply to anything I was saying, of course, because what I was saying was also pointless. Why did I question Him? If everything is planned for my good. Even if there is no visible reason for what you have been through, or where you are right now, there is a purpose, may be hidden or on the way, there is a reason for the situation you are right now. It is also hard for me to be typing this, I just graduated, my family came to visit me for few days, but now I have nothing, I feel like the loneliest girl in the world, I live in a big city named Dallas, and looking for a job and for an apartment. Thanks God I am not homeless, a family is hosting me and treating me like a princess. For real, but sometimes I do feel like homeless hah. I am seriously experimenting God’s grace to the fullest. Then, he answered my whole speech through that song, which I have never heard before (twice without me playing it) it came  to me like an arrow targeting me, like a slap in my face, but a sweet slap.



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