20 days..



Almost there… I am graduating in 20 days. I remember the first day I got to DBU, as if it was yesterday. Gosh. So many memories…. God has changed me like a 180º turn over in my life. I have so many memories here and I’ve made so many friends that had already left me, they’re gone, they’re back in their homes (all around the world). I can name them now, but if I miss one I would feel so bad.

Anyways, I’ve been praying for my future sincerely, I was really sad and worried; I am leaving behind a great part of my life and I  thought about that for few weeks.  Someday at chapel, I was thinking “Really, Whats next?” “is it going to be incredible as DBU was..?” and I felt peace when I turned my eyes to the window which has a huge cross, and clearly I heard “whatever is next is always better”.

So, instead of worrying I started applying for jobs,  my license, new apartment, and new attitude came with it. Still, sometimes I worry, but I know those feelings should not be with me. So I ask you for prayer, everything is already on His hands, but I need to stop worrying and start opening my eyes for the new open doors, I don’t wanna miss anything in the journey! I also pray for you, as we pray together we will have our eyes wide open to everything God has placed there for us, but remember… We are like chess pieces, if we dont do a move, He wont do a move. We have to work for it!



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