The Art Show


Last night I had the opportunity to go to an art show were one of my friends was exposing his art. Some of the paintings were weird, for real I did not understand what the paintings meant. I did not got any of those, and would not buy any. That was my thinking until I heard the artist talk. A painting does not has a meaning until you know the story behind. The artist of this peculiar painting said that his art was based on a book, where he took out all the pages of it, and pasted them on the canvas, then, draw the main actor, his eye his thought and everything that was about the book. That was a reason a did not understand the painting. He said to us when I got to talk to him that since the author did the book, he would not stay doing nothing, so the best he could do was the painting his play, because he did so much for Him. So, I guessed he would be a good follower. If he ever reads the Bible, would he do the same for Jesus? Would you be a good artist doing at least something since Jesus did everything for you? Lets be the best artists, not just for what he did for us but what he has been doing for centuries and what he will do.


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